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Blue Mountains

Couples Weekend Workshop

Couples ReConnecting Weekend Workshpop from Monica on Vimeo.

Sign up closes midnight October 26th 2018 

“We just don’t connect the way we used to.”     

Relationships don’t always feel like “sweaty palms” “racing heartbeat💓” and “weak in the knees” experiences. Especially when the kids have baseball games, the dog gets sick, work is overwhelming...and (there’s no time left over for you) on and on.

BUT...what if you could take steps to Connect ALL OVER AGAIN in a WEEKEND and then use what you have learned to build bridges of connection to your forever together dreams??

My name is Monica, and I’m a couples and intimacy specialist 😍. I’ve made it my mission to help couples reconnect and repair, even after they’ve suffered what seems like irreparable damage or the wear and tear of life.  ReConnect again and kick loneliness to the curb.




Just Ask Yourself, Where did you learn how to be in a relationship?   How did you find out how to be great at couple connecting?   Don’t worry, don’t blame, yourself…...you might have had more drivers' or hunters’ education than ever being taught to connect, grow, and thrive in a relationship with someone with which you want to build a dream.

It’s my mission to bring this to you, so never again do you have to wonder, like Michelle a former client of mine who said Why don't they teach this stuff to everyone in school.  Well she is right and if you didn't learn this in school then here is your chance to upgrade your relationship skills in a loving, secure positive setting.


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Couples are invited to join 2 days of ReConnecting

Saturday Nov 3, 2018  To  Sunday Nov 4, 2018

in the heart of Missouri Wine Country in

Washington, Missouri




A Relationship Education Group for Couples

Based on the book

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love


By: Dr. Sue Johnson

Contact Information: Monica Houttuin, LCSW, CST/ Couples and Intimacy Specialist

inquiries:  [email protected]

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(Sign up closes midnight October 26th, 2018 )




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Group is limited so early reservation is recommended!

Registration Fee:  $625.00 per couple for the whole weekend