Couple and Sexual Health


University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate P

Emotionally Focused Therapy: Sue Johnson Method

Externship Trained Couple Therapist EFT

Treating Affair Recovery and Couple Trauma: Gottman Institute Training

Gottman Institute Training:  The Art and Science of Love

Gottman Institute Training: Bridging the Couple Chasm

Level I Therapist Certificate

Gottman Approved Member
Sexual Interventions in Therapy 
Forest Institute  

Sensate Focus for Sexual Functions Therapy Relationship
Alzheimer Couple Sexual Healing

Crucible Intimacy & Desire Clinical Workshop 

David Schnarch and Marriage and Family Health Center
Imago Couples-Marriage Therapy 

Divorce Mediation Training

numerous others

Complementary Phone Consultation

Let's end the Google Guessing Game  and start to laser focus on what the problem beneath the problem is.                        Couples (or just you) can talk to Monica by Booking a Complementary Phone Consultation.

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During Stay at Home Order Hours by Appointment