Ask anyone what a great marriage is worth and they would tell you it is priceless and for sure less than divorce with 2 houses and a custody arrangement.

But I would tell them that cost and investments in the things that are most dear to us is a real world ongoing topic that all couples must face......saving a relationship with this investment is not different.

Having said that, each relationship is different and needs different strategies to take down the disconnect and repair the eggshells and broken hearts.

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Complementary phone chat - 20 minute visit with Monica to see if we're a good match and to chart out a Next Step action plan FREE.  In this call I will be able to share with you what type of therapy will best suite you.

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Monica is a provider from Anthem BC BS and Medicare for Inidvidual Therapy.

Appointment Request Form so Monica may contact you for scheduling.    

Would you like to have your Anthem BC BS or Medicare Benefits verified so you can book an  appointment then please call the office at 636.583.7738.

Free or Reduced Services for Covid19

The Care Collective™, a community mental health practice based in St. Louis, MO, has organized a network of licensed mental health clinicians who will provide no-cost therapy sessions for those working on the frontlines, providing essential services and those who have lost jobs or been furloughed.  Through our growing network of volunteer therapists, social workers and counselors, we’re offering:
  • Expedited appointment times with a licensed mental health clinician
  • Up to 3 FREE telehealth sessions to process the intensity, stress and pressure experienced by those on the frontlines in a safe and non-judgemental way
  • Help with figuring out how to transition home after an intense shift(s)
  • Support managing urges to escape, numb-out or dissociate
If you know someone who may be interested in speaking with a supportive and non-judgemental clinician, please click or share the link below for more information.

Complementary Phone Consultation

Let's end the Google Guessing Game  and start to laser focus on what the problem beneath the problem is.                        Couples (or just you) can talk to Monica by Booking a Complementary Phone Consultation.

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During Stay at Home Order Hours by Appointment