How Does This Work

Therapy used to be hard to get, require you drive to an office and sometimes even take time off work.  For many therapists doing online meetings and therapy is not new.

Now, for this current time, all therapy is utilizing the ease of meeting online.   Now you can too..

It is private, just with the therapist on a secure video line just for health appointments.  From the comfort of your home the two of you will sit much like you would in my office and go about the business of supporting and helping your relationship bond.

As a therapist, all the same things go on.  Assessments, communication, learning skills, tackling all the things that couples want to improve.   

Saving a marriage or building a better bolder love still is the outcome, just with a little more distance and safety for now.

Complementary Phone Consultation

Let's end the Google Guessing Game  and start to laser focus on what the problem beneath the problem is.                        Couples (or just you) can talk to Monica by Booking a Complementary Phone Consultation.

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During Stay at Home Order Hours by Appointment