How Long Do We Have to Come

Couples believe that it took this long for us to get this far off it will take forever for us to "fix" this.

Not True.

Couples believe that the hardest and longest hurt to heal between them is an affair.

Not True.

Couples believe that they are sexually incompatible and can never get back the spark again.

Not True.

What is the answer about how long we have to come.   The real answer is it depends.

The length of your visist and the number of times we meet all depend on your personal needs and how intesneively you want to work.  Yes, you can work in big blocks of time, known as retreat days or intensives, or you can work in a more traditional weekly model of a minimum of 90 minutes.    

Honestly, with you individual roadmap that I create just for your particular couple goals we will design what will work best for you and then you will have an idea about "How Long Will We Be Coming"?

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