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I see individuals for

  • Relationship concerns of loss, adjustment, or partner will not come
  • Sex Therapy
  • Depression, Anxiety, Grief
  • Life Transition and Adjustment

Individuals may use Anthem BC BS, Medicare or Out of Network Private Payments.

50 minute session                             $154.00

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As hard as it is to hear...typically..

Your health insurance benefits are limited to treatment that is considered "medically necessary" like heart attacks and mental illness for an individual.  

 If a therapist is billing one of your health insurance policies and getting it paid for chances are they have given one of you a MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS and I am guessing you would want to know if they did that and it is now part of your medical record.  

Does your insurance cover marriage counseling?

If you go to "marriage or couples therapy with a general therapist the only billing item they should bill your company is Z63.0 code. which means this is a life thing not a mental illness. 

The only way to know if your health insurance company will cover marriage counseling is to call them yourself and ask them, not if they cover couples counseling but DO THEY COVER CODE Z63.0 then your therapist must bill for relationship problems (Z63.0) as a "diagnostic code.   Then you are not mentally ill just for working on your relationship.

"Health insurance will pay for a clogged heart or heart attack , but not for  matters of the heart and intimacy."  One is a necessity, in their eyes and one is not, I know, don't get me started, super pet pieve of mine.

Let's be honest.

Couples therapy isn't individual treatment with two people. It's different. Couples therapy treats couples for relationship problems. It doesn't label one of you as "the problem," even though each of you may have problems of your own. It treats you as a dynamic "system" that needs to be worked on in order to work more effectively.

But "labeling" you as anxious, depressed, or have an "adjustment disorder" in order to provide help for your relationship is just plain wrong according to the insurance company and many therapist's ethical oathes and more importantly, may as part of your medical records, have important unforeseen outcomes for you in the future. 

 Relationships are important and complicated.  They require work and care but they are not mental illnesses.   You should know if any therapist is giving you one.

I know you didn't know that all this was going on just to get a 45 min appointment to talk about ALL the issues that couples have to with someone who might not be a couples specialist or even a certified sex therapist..

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