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Perfect for couples stressed to the max.  Keeping you safe in the process.

What Is Online Counseling or TeleHealth?

Online couples/individual therapy, often referred to as Telehealth, is when a therapist or counselor provides psychological counseling and support over the internet through, video conferencing, online  communications, or a phone call.   

Why Online Couples Counseling now?

Whether you are under the stay-at-home order or you simply need the support for the anxiety and relational distress, if you live in Missouri, you have the opportunity to continue to receive support and growth for you as a couple.  Online Therapy is not new nor is it unusual in the health industry.

Online therapy gives you the freedom and the convenience whether you have work schedules or child schedules to work around. Whatever the limitations you're facing Telehealth (online therapy) helps you with easy access. I utilize HIPAA secure technology for your privacy.  

All that is needed is a quiet, private space and an internet connection with one or two devices that will connect with a camera with your therapist.

Benefits of Online

Did you know you don't even have to be in the same room, out of town couples continue their work even while work has them traveling.   Remote or extremely rural couples eliminate the 45 to 90 minute one way commute to my office.  Now that travel time is out of the equation many other appointment times can open up for you.

Private as you can be in your own home, attending sessions for the couple and the therapist even if the drive were not possible due to injury or mild illnesss, no coming to the office.  

Most importantly, I know how to connect with you through the screen to establish a trusted therapeutic relationship that will help you in your journey of making meaningful change.  Clients find this easy and secure.


Couple Intimacy & Conflict (aka Communication)

Emotional & Physical Affairs

Sexual ReVitalization

Dating & Pre-marital Concerns

LGBTQIA Identity & Relationships

Business Partnerships

Adjustment & Life Transitions

With the current uncertain times, now more than ever, we’re all in need of being able to make contact with trusted therapists to help support our mental and relational health.

Waiting until this IS OVER is not a sound relationship plan.

I am happy to bring you specialist couples and intimacy help and accommodate your safety needs by beginning therapy online.

But What About......

Kids, dogs, phones, bad internet.......yep, we have plans for all of it.  The couples who have gone before you have come up with some pretty amazing solutions.....including if need be one person on video from the house and one person on video from their phone in an office or hotel or will be amazed at the ways we make technology works for us to help your relatinship.

Ready to start Couples Therapy?

You've picked a great time to work on your marriage. Please reach out to me for more information about how to schedule your first online session, and for tips about how to make the most of engaging in therapy online.

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Complementary Phone Consultation

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