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Are You Sick of The Hurting?
Log in to learn about many of the common couple communication issues and the importance of knowing how to deal with them in a way that will create a loving relationship filled with appreciation and admiration.

Gotta Know Something Right Now to Improve Your Communication, Immediately,

3 Videos That Explain How Couple Communication Works.


Our Venue Has Changed to

Zion UCC

115 S Washington Ave in Union MO


" Jumpstart Your Hearts "!


Are you afraid you're falling out of love?

Do you feel like you're getting nowhere when you talk?

We are excited to offer a community event to help couples learn some basic tools for creating lasting love

Finally you will know the Tips and Tools

Stop Guessing Over and over again.

What would your lives be like when you have the answer


This Event has passed Thanks for Your Interest

Union Missour i

This event is still available by private appointment please call

Call (636) 583-7738 to schedule


Do you want to know you are communicating in the right way?

What if you could calm the conflict turn down the criticism and the defensiveness?

Could you use a calm way to handle difficult topics?

Do you want to know you are building your friendship and romance the right way?

Most people would say that would make them feel connected secure comfortable and heart warmed. Almost all of us would prefer a loving, connected relationship someone to

  • Listen when we share
  • Laugh with
  • Share our dreams
  • Enjoy new adventures together
  • And feel we really really mattered to them

Even if you generally get along and feel good together wouldn't it be great if it didn't take much time to learn how to have really


If you could learn that in just a few small hours would that make a big difference for you.

Small changes make a big difference!

Know how to actually repair a mistake or hurt deliberately! Well now you can What would that be worth to you?

  • Have you been trying the usual ways to keep up with your marriage
  • Date night except we can't keep the bickering from going on
  • Without the tools you won't be able to reconnect, stay connected and build your dreams

Announcing a unique opportunity to receive the roadmap and learn the tools without going to therapy

Build a foundation and strengthen your relationship with this

JUMP START KIT you'll have the knowledge you need to take good care of your relationship

A priceless complimentary live event to do just that


At this JUMP START YOUR HEARTS EVENT you will receive the following:

  • A Toolkit the core skills needed to have
  • secure relationship  Essential Core skills revealed
  • Know precisely what not to do if you don't want to damage your relationship    permanently
  • Access to Monica to learn and be curious without going to therapy
  • A Roadmap for communicating

So if you're tired of trying the same old patterns again and again and would like to freshen up your relationship and know what is the right way to communicate this is for you.

Especially if your partner doesn't want or need to go to therapy this is great it is not diving into issues.  You get to check it out, learn first hand and improve your relationship

This will work even if you don't like to talk

  • This is for you if you don't want to spend a lot of time or money you just want to get to the meat of the matter
  • If you hurt each other's feelings you'll learn how to repair
  • If you're feeling distant you learn how to move towards one another
  • Learned the dos and don'ts to create a deeper meaning and a more satisfying relationship
  • This is about a jumpstart for your hearts and learning about proven way to express love in your relationship
  • This is possible even if you can't see how this could make a difference for you

Heartbeat Not sure if this is for you? Then call us and we will personally answer all of your questions?  And remember it is our gift to you, but please reserve your seat since our space is limited.  636 583-7738. You are welcome to share this page with anyone you know who might like to attend, but hurry please so they don’t miss out.

Thanks for participating in our customer appreciation event.  This drawing ended 1/31/2017. We would like to congratulate LS!